El Fierro 8'' Handmade Stainless Steel Knife

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Brazilian Handmade Barbecue Knife

Enjoy the high quality and luxury of a Handmade Brazilian Barbecue Knife. Our knives are the result of meticulous work done by our blade smith. You are not going to find anything like this worldwide.

  • Supreme function meets stunning elegance that will elevate your BBQ. Cut and slice with expert confidence but with that touch of style.
  • The handle fits perfectly on the hand providing a greater grip. Made with brazilian noble wood, resulting in a 100% unique design. 
  • Be the envy of all your neighborhood BBQs.

    Cutting Demonstration

    Custom Engraving

    Technical Specifications

    Knife blade: stainless steel 420C.
    Handles: brazilian noble wood and acrylic.
    Blade length: 8 inches.
    Total length: 13.3 inches.
    Width: 1.9 inch.
    Thickness: 1/8 inch.
    Scabbard: 100% leather.

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    We offer free international shipping through DHL Express.  Your order will be ready to ship in 3 business days and  the average delivery time is 3-10 days depending on address.

    • As all of our products are handmade, 10 to 15 days will be added to manufacture premium and/or custom products. 



    Blade cares:

    Although they do not need much care, stainless steel blades can also rust. So we advise you that after using your knife, it should be sanitized and dry before putting it back on the scabbard. To conserve the knife blade, use plastic or wood cutting boards. Do not cut hard materials such as nails, wires and bones.

     Sharpening: For a better conservation of the blade, we recommend using a honing steel, to maintain alignment and performance of your knife. When necessary, use a fine-grained stone, properly prepared. 


    Please feel free to email us with any questions on the care and maintenance of your blade.

    If you take care of it well, it will last longer than you!

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