Carbon Steel Carving Fork.

$115 $130

Carbon Steel Carving Fork 

The carving fork is an essential grilling tool for the ones who want to have a better grip while slicing the meat. Because it has a rustic design it makes you feel like you have more grip while you are slicing it.


Metal: Carbon Steel 1070

Handle: High density Nobel wood 

Total length: 14 centimeters (5.51 inches)

Thickness: 3 millimeters (0,12 inches)

Carbon Steel Cares: 

We recommend you not to wash it, merely wipe it over as soon as you have finished using it and put it away. You can wash it by hand if you need, but do not leave water on it, so no soaking in a sink of dishes and don’t leave it to air dry on a draining rack. Wash and dry it straight away.

No matter how well you take care of your knife it will turn a dull grey colour over time, it will mark and not stay shiny. This is normal, there is nothing unhygienic about it, it is just the nature of the steel. Some foods, like lemon and onion will mark it instantly due to the acidic nature of them. You can polish it back to a high shine finish again, (using a grinder or polisher) but it is unnecessary for the performance of the knife, it is purely cosmetic.


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