Stainless Steel Bear Claw.

$89.90 $118

Comes with a gift box.

 For those who enjoy a good barbecue, the Bear Claw is a great option to facilitate your meat cuts, not to mention it gives more sophistication to the barbecuer. It is manufactured by the aluminum injection process using an injection machine. This process guarantees the compactness of the material, high resistance, zero porosity, excellent finish (polishing) and identical pieces, different from a craft work.

Unit weight: 220 grams. (0,48 pounds)

Width: 12 cm.  (4,7 inches)

Length: 12 cm. (4.7 inches)



Cleaning and conservation:

Wash the product with only the softest part of the sponge and neutral soap so that it does not scratch the piece and obscure its shine. After using it, always dry immediately to avoid oxidation.

- Do not scrape the knife when cutting.

- Do not wash in dishwashers.

- Avoid dropping it on the floor so that it does not crush or break its ends.

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